Alyth placecheck

Funds are allocated in the Council's capital budget for environmental improvements in Alyth town centre. To establish the community priorities for improvements, the Placecheck method of community engagement is being used.

Alyth Placecheck Town Centre Improvements

August 2018 Update

Following the public consultation about this scheme, we are pleased to advise that the works are due to start on 27 August 2018 with completion planned for 16 November 2018. The Council has worked closely with Alyth Development Trust and Alyth Community Council to develop the project which will see an investment of almost £0.5m in upgrading the town square.  This will complement the works done to replace the bridges but will mean car parking will be disrupted significantly during the construction period.  The Contractor (RJ McLeod Ltd) will endeavour to minimise this wherever possible. RJ McLeod's Liaison Officer will also work directly with businesses and residents to retain full pedestrian access to all properties during the construction period.We would like to apologise in advance for any disruption and thank you for your patience and co-operation.  

June 2018 update

Following all the previous consultation, Perth and Kinross Council have been working closely with Alyth Community Council, Alyth Development Trust and Alyth in Bloom to finalise the plans for improving Alyth town centre. 

View the Alyth Square icon final plan design [2Mb].

The aim of these improvements is to:

  • Create a square that is pedestrian friendly, with improved access for all pedestrians, wider pavements, reduced street clutter and dropped kerbs at key locations.
  • Create a flexible space which would enable opportunities for outdoor events to be held in the Square whilst recognising the everyday need for car parking.
  • Improve bus access, pedestrian safety and passenger boarding facilities
  • Retain existing car parking numbers.

The design includes community facilities such as above ground electric power points for outdoor events, Christmas tree stand, power supply next to the existing tree opposite the Co-op for Christmas lights, underground infrastructure for future electric car charge points, refurbished community notice board, new bus stop/shelter, new benches and lighting. The existing recycling bins will be removed from the Square and relocated in the recycling point on Mill Street.  

To aid and promote pedestrian and disabled access around the Square it is proposed to construct shallow ramps at several key pedestrian road crossing points (This will not affect the main routes) and include two disabled parking bays.

The design also includes the retention of the two large oaks next to the burnside and the large tree opposite the Co-op. It is proposed to plant up to 6 new trees within the Square if budget allows. Other planting can be accommodated within the proposals for example the new and reconditioned lamp posts would be fitted with hanging basket brackets and new planters could be installed on the wider sections of paving at a later date.

To be sympathetic to the townscape character it is proposed to pave the footways with a rustic red/brown concrete cobble paving and this may be extended to the main car park if it can be afforded.  The roads and bus route around the Square would include a red stone chip to help improve the look of these.

The project is out to tender. At present it is intended to carry out the improvements in the late summer/autumn this year with the works being complete by mid-November in time for the Christmas lights.  In order to achieve this the construction works would start at the end of August and last for approximately 12 weeks.  There will be further information provided about any disruption during the works and every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.  We appreciate the continued patience and support of the community in helping to achieve these improvements.

April 2018 update

There was a drop in event at the Ogilvie Rooms, Commercial Street, Alyth on Thursday 3rd May 2018 between 4pm and 7pm

Residents of Alyth had the chance to view and ask questions about the revised designs for improving Alyth Town Centre.

The icon Alyth Square Proposal [2Mb]icon Alyth Bus tracking [903Kb] and icon Alyth square existing and proposed [954Kb] plans were on display.

January 2018 update

The proposed programme is outlined below. (This is currently being reviewed and an update will be available soon):

  • Final design & construction drawings: completed by April 2018
  • Submission of planning application: early January 2018 (Approval mid March)
  • Out to Tender: mid April 2018
  • Tender Return: mid May 2018
  • Award contract: end June 2018
  • Site Start: end July 2018
  • Completion: mid Nov 2018


Fundraising for the town centre regeneration plan is now complete and that if planning approval is obtained, work to renovate the town centre will begin in 2018.The project originates from the Alyth2020 report in 2009 which recommended improvements to Alyth town centre. Following a Placecheck walkabout in 2013 with key community representatives where ideas for improvements were identified, there were exhibitions in 4 venues for 3 weeks during June 2014 and a further exhibition in October 2014, during those exhibitions drawings of the proposed new square layout were displayed. Also 80 people attended an ADT public meeting in June 2014 where the plans were displayed.

This project has taken an enormous amount of time and effort by Alyth Development Trust (ADT) who helped organise and staff further community consultations that took place during 2016 and applied for funding to supplement the initial £250,000 Council budget. ADT spent over 18 months trying to raise additional funds to make up the shortfall for the plan which the public consultations had developed, submitting substantial bids to Drumderg Windfarm Fund, SUSTRANS Community Links Fund and developing a major bid to the Perth & Kinross Rural LEADER programme in order to allow the project as originally planned to go ahead. Both the SUSTRANS and LEADER applications were ultimately unsuccessful but the Drumderg Fund has committed £44,000 over 2 years subject to a set of conditions which are still bring negotiated. This will part-fund the original scheme and also pay for replanting of the burnside flower bed between the pedestrian bridges on Pitnacree Street, just off the Market Square. An additional £1,000 from ADT community fundraising efforts will be put towards these parts of the project.

The remainder of the funds have been recently been allocated from a new Council Capital Budget which has been put in place to help the Council deliver place-making projects to meet its regeneration objectives. This town centre regeneration project should transform Alyth town centre and compliment the new footbridges, allowing it become a more functional community space without reducing the car parking that is essential to the people and businesses of the town.

Alyth Footbridge Replacement Project  

The Alyth town centre footbridge construction works started in January 2017. On Sunday 26th February the two new footbridges were hoisted into place and then finished off with ramps, steps and handrails. They were officially opened on the 22nd March 2017.

Community Vote on the 3 Footbridges in the Town Centre

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote on the Alyth Bridges, 390 votes were cast and the results are: 

52% of votes for 2 bridges and 48% for 3 bridges.

Given the lack of parking spaces in Alyth, we put this final important decision to a community vote. between the two possible layouts:

  1. 2 bridges and retain parking spaces, or
  2. 3 bridges and lose 4 parking spaces on Commercial Street

View the icon Alyth Bridge Proposals [5Mb] drawings showing the two options, these also available to view in Alyth Library.  Alyth residents were asked to cast their vote for their preferred layout by the 31st July in order that work can start on building as soon as possible. Voting forms were available locally and people could vote online. Around 70 people came to find out more and cast their vote at a drop in information evening held on the 12th July from 6pm to 8pm in the Ogilvie Rooms in Alyth. View the latest icon Alyth Placecheck Newsletter [644Kb].

The Vision

At present a car park, minor road and bus stop dominate the town centre. The quality of the space is generally poor and is car dominated. The overall aim is to create a central flexible public space that can be adapted to suit a variety of community needs such as events, whilst providing good pedestrian and disabled access, whilst still maintaining almost the same number of parking spaces essential to a rural community.

The aim of the proposed improvements is to reduce car dominance and rebalance the requirements of pedestrians, cyclists and bus users over the needs of the car driver. This will be achieved through increased footpath widths, clear links across roads, seating areas, bike racks, pedestrian/cyclist signage and visual signals to motorists that they are entering a pedestrian friendly zone. New traffic management is planned to re-route buses and remove an access road along the north west side of the square in order to create space for wider pedestrian pavements and a frontage to the buildings.

There is a need for car parking in a rural community however it is also recognised that the community need a public space where the community can hold outdoor events. The proposed layout reflects this dual aspect. The space is designed in segments; each segment can either be used for car parking or public space. The number of segments used for either can be varied depending on the scale of the outdoor event therefore providing a flexible innovative approach to space management.

Bridging the Gaps - Building the Future - Community Workshops

Sunday 17th January and Sunday 31st January 2016
Drop in event at the Ogilvie Rooms, Commercial Street, Alyth between 10am to 4pm

These community engagement events led by Alyth Development Trust (ADT) and PAS and supported by Perth & Kinross Council, were organised to bring the local community together to consider the future of their town, with particular regard to identifying the need for active travel infrastructure.

Over the course of the two events, a total of 188 participants came together with volunteers from Alyth Development Trust (ADT) and PAS and a number of Council staff. As a result, three key priorities were identified:

  • replacement of the footbridges
  • improvements to Market Square
  • improvements to walking, cycling and active travel infrastructure

A icon report [767Kb] was produced by PAS and a icon draft action plan [244Kb] is being worked on further .

An online survey by the Council regarding replacement of the bridges attracted 96 responses, with a roughly equal split between those preferring replacement of two bridges and those favouring replacement of three bridges.

Broad support was shown for the town centre improvements and the Council is working in partnership with ADT to seek as much financial support for the projects. ADT with our assistance made a bid for Sustrans funding, including funds for a fully accessible replacement footbridge and the costs of detailed designs for the town square improvements. Unfortunately this bid was unsuccessful and we intended to apply to other funding sources soon for the town centre footbridges and town square works.

All residents of Alyth were invited to attend the community workshops to record their views. The purpose of these workshops was to identify the community's preferences for the  placement and design of the replacement footbridges across the burn and to identify other actions for improvement to make Alyth a more connected and sustainable place for the future.

These workshops follow on from previous consultation exercises (Alyth 2020 and PKC Placecheck) and are in direct response to the recent flooding. The results of the workshops will be used by Perth and Kinross Council, Alyth Development Trust and Alyth Community Council as the basis for town improvements.

If you could not attend the drop-in workshops but would like your views to be taken into account please contact   

Designs for Improving Alyth Town Centre

Public exhibitions of designs took place in June and October 2014 where residents of Alyth had a chance to view and comment on the designs for improving Alyth Town Centre 

The following designs were on display:

These designs were developed as part of the Placecheck process, following a successful community walk about with Council officers in September 2013, where local people and community groups discussed their ideas for enhancing the town centre. These ideas included improvements to the bus stop area, the planting along the riverside, the area available for pedestrians, repair or replacement of the footbridges and space for more community events.

The Council team, community and businesses have already been working hard together to achieve some of the short term priorities and to develop the longer term design plans. Achievements include the formation of a new Bloom Committee, resurfacing of a number of roads and the old pack bridge, adding new drop kerbs for wheelchair access, clearing vacant and derelict sites, removing and treating tree saplings growing in the burn walls, cleaning up the recycling area, resiting the recycling bins, trimming back the trees and replanting the area next to the war memorial. The Council also held Funding Workshop in April 2014.  

The Council design team are now working on the final designs taking into account the comments received from the exhibitions. The ultimate extent of the final proposals will depend on how much funding the community can raise in addition to the money the Council have already committed. There will be a further exhibition showing these final designs during 2016 and residents will have a further opportunity to comment at that stage.  Thereafter, the proposals will be put before Perth & Kinross Council's Environment Committee for approval. 


During July 20015 Alyth suffered from a large flooding incident, view the icon latest flooding bulletin [284Kb]  and the icon flooding report from September 2015 [11Mb].

What is Placecheck?

Placecheck is an award winning programme to improve public spaces through the council and the community working in partnership. At the community placecheck event there is an opportunity for local people to walk around different areas in small groups with council officers to identify what they like, don't like and what can be improved. The aim is to get people working together to improve their village and surrounding area and work with the council on shared priorities. For more information see:

 Community Greenspace - Working together to maintain, improve and promote our shared spaces for all to enjoy.