Economy and Lifelong Learning Group

‚ÄčThe Economy and Lifelong Learning Group aims to build a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable economy, one that is centred on educated, responsible and informed citizens who are ready to do their part to shape it.

Committed partnership working will help produce a thriving economy, enabling real social and physical regeneration across Perth and Kinross.  The Group will do this by providing learning and training opportunities, encouraging business development, ensure digital connectivity for every community, support local employers to provide local employment opportunities, ensure that household incomes increase and ensure that actions and outcomes stimulate the property market both commercial and residential.  This extensive approach to economic and human development will ensure that every community in Perth and Kinross can prosper and thrive in the years ahead.

Economy and Lifelong Learning Group Membership

Councillor C PurvesPerth & Kinross Council
Councillor F SarwarPerth & Kinross Council
Councillor C ShiersPerth & Kinross Council
I BallUniversity of Dundee
G BallieScottish Enterprise
A BurnettEnterprise North East Trust/Business Gateway
J ClarksonVisitScotland
J DerniePerth & Kinross CHP, NHS Tayside (Deputy)
E DevineNHS Tayside
Dr R DockrellUniversity of Stirling
B FarrellKilgraston School
D GourleyPerth College
J Hunter

Skills Development Scotland

K McPhersonPKAVS (Third Sector Interface)
C MellaFederation of Small Businesses

Minutes of Meetings

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Contact details

Community Planning Partnership

2 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PH
Tel 01738 477834