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Save money, time and hassle while you travel.

Perth on the Go is helping local residents and visitors to our city to save money, time and hassle while they travel.  Perth on the go logo

Developed thanks to funding from the Scottish Government to improve air quality, Perth on the Go aims to enhance the city's environment, by reducing congestion and therefore traffic pollution, in addition to helping the people of Perth be a bit more active.

Cars have an important role to play in our transport system, and are essential for many people's journeys.  Yet too many cars on the roads are affecting the city's environment and increasing risks to people's health.

Perth & Kinross Council, Stagecoach and others are working to provide good quality infrastructure and transport services to provide alternative options where they can.  However it's up to everyone that travels in Perth to do their bit.

How to save money

Driving less or driving smarter would help - and help you save money too.

Petrol up to 15% off

On average, drivers can save up 15% of their fuel costs just by driving more economically.

Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for tips to drive more efficiently.

Petrol up to 40% off

Going by bus can be 40% cheaper than by car for typical journeys in Perth.

View details of bus services in Perth.

Petrol up to 50% off

Car sharing with a friend or neighbour going the same way can halve your travel costs.

To help find others interested in car sharing, visit

Petrol up to 100% off

Walking or cycling can be the quickest way for short journeys - and it's free!

For walking and cycling routes around the city, visit and

To compare choices and plan journeys from door to door, visit

Contact us if you want to discuss your own journey choices, email

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