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Improvements and Repairs to your Council House

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Details on how to report repairs, emergency repair criteria and charges for repairs

Reporting a Repair

If you need a repair carried out in your home then contact The Repairs Centre between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

If there is an emergency outwith those hours call the same number and your call will be picked up by the emergency repairs service.

Emergency work includes:

  • blocked toilets where the premises contain only one toilet
  • blocked or leaking drains (not blocked sinks)
  • serious storm, accident or floor damage to rooms
  • dangerous structures
  • serious electrical faults, such as overheating of sockets or switches
  • regaining entry where a tenant is accidentally locked out (there is likely to be a charge for this).

Repair Criteria

There are three categories of repairs. Emergencies will be responded to immediately.

  • Emergencies  - An example of this type of repair would be a total loss of electricity or a potential health and safety risk.
  • Urgent Repairs - For example a partial loss of electricity.
  • Routine Repairs - These are cases where there is no risk to people or further damage to the property. We will carry out the work to make your home a better place to live, but the timescales for doing so will be longer.

Repair Charges

The Housing Repairs Service will carry out most repairs to your home.  However, there are some repairs that you will have to pay for yourself.  This list will explain who is pdf icon responsible for repairs [45kb] of each item.

pdf icon Rechargeable repairs [988kb] will only be carried out where you have agreed to meet the costs, which will include an administrative charge and VAT. For more information you can read our full pdf icon Rechargeable Repairs Policy and Procedure [299kb].

Doing your own Repair work

You can carry out repairs to your home, however these repairs must be carried out to an acceptable standard. If the work involves any changes to your home, i.e. through an upgrade to any fixtures, flooring etc, then you will need to apply for permission before beginning the work.

Complaints about Repairs

If at any time you are not satisfied with our service please let us know by contacting The Repairs Centre, your complaint will then be considered in line with the Council's . If you remain dissatisfied after having had your complaint considered under the Complaints Procedure you can take the matter to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

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