@Scott Street

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm

What do we Do?

The core aim of the Youth Work Section @ Scott Street is to provide information and support to young people to enable them to work toward positive destinations, make informed choices and overcome barriers to their personal development.

The youth work team do this by working with young people on an individual or group basis to identify needs and work toward achievable goals. This process is done with the young person being involved in the conversation from the start and choosing to participate in agreed activities or appointments with youth work staff. A counselling approach may also be used to support young people where appropriate.

Young people can self-refer, or meet with us through a referral from another organisation, including schools.

To ensure young people have access to relevant and appropriate support, a number of agencies run drop-in sessions at different times during the week. These are focused on specific issues such as health or housing and allow young people the chance to access information in a familiar and friendly environment.

The team also run small groups and activities aimed at encouraging young people to develop confidence, gain skills and access employment or education opportunities. We will also signpost or refer to other agencies or providers where appropriate.

Who are we?

  • Colin Hay, Youth Work Co-ordinator
  • Janice Douglas, Youth Worker
  • Sandy Davidson, Community Learning Assistant
  • Kathryn Devine, Community Learning Assistant
  • Nadia Elmershati, Community Learning Assistant
  • Toni Day, Community Learning Assistant
  • James Boyle, Community Learning Assistant
  • Shirley Oates, Community Learning Assistant
  • Lauren McGillivray, Modern Apprentice
  • Maisie Hendry, Modern Apprentice

Contact details

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Tel 01738 474580