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Rent and charges - council housing

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All Council tenants are responsible for ensuring that their rent is paid on time. This is an important part of your rent agreement, and you should think about how you are going to pay your rent before you accept the keys for your new home.

If you don't pay your rent regularly and on time you are at risk of facing court action, having a stop put on any application for a house move which you have with us, and potentially you could lose your home due to debt.

Rent levels

In 2009 tenants were involved in a working group, and subsequent consultation, to consider whether changes to the current rent level structure were appropriate at that time. Following consideration of the feedback, and input from an external consultant, it was decided to put the review of the rent level structure on hold. This decision will be revisited in the future.

How to pay

You can choose to pay your rent weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or once each calendar month. However, please remember that under the terms of your tenancy agreement you must pay rent at least one week in advance, so which ever payment frequency you choose should be in advance to stop you from falling into debt.


You can pay online via the Council's website at any time of the day or night using a debit or credit card. You will need your 16 digit reference number which can be found at the bottom of your plastic rent payment card.

Direct debit

Direct Debit payments are made automatically from your bank account on an agreed date. This is an efficient and reliable method of payment, and it helps keep down the Council's costs of collection so that more of your rent money can be invested in maintaining and improving your home. Speak to any member of your local Area Housing Team or ask at Pullar House to have a Direct Debit payment set up for your rent.

Standing order

To arrange for your rent to be paid regularly by Standing Order, you need to give the Council's account details to your bank along with your 15 digit payment reference number. Your payment reference number can be found on all rent statements sent to you.

Council account details:

Bank - Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort Code - 83-47-00
Account Number - 11571103

By telephone

You can make payments by debit or credit card at any time of the day or night by using the automated touch tone telephone payment facility. Simply call 0845 603 0121 and quote your 16 digit reference number found at the bottom of your plastic rent payment card.

At any Post Office or PayPoint

At your local Post Office counter, or shop offering the PayPoint service. No charge is made for this service but you need your rent payment card with you. The advantage of this over paying at your local Area Housing Office is that these businesses tend to open later during the week, and are also open at weekends, so you can pay when it's most convenient for you.

In cash, by cheque or by card

During normal opening hours payments can be made in cash, by cheque or by debit or credit card at the cash/ payments desk in Pullar House or at Letham Housing Office. Please don't send cash payments through the post, or put cash through the letterbox of any Council office.

What if you don't pay?

If you do not pay your rent regularly arrears will mount up. We understand that everyone faces money problems from time to time, and if you contact your Area Housing Team as soon as you realise you might have difficulty meeting your rent payments we will work with you to manage the situation.