Perth & Kinross Council's Building Standards Team receive Scottish Parliament recognition

Perth & Kinross Council has been re-appointed as building standards verifier for the Perth and Kinross area for the next six years thanks to the high levels of performance of the Council's Building Standards Team which has been recognised by the Scottish Parliament.

In a change to the way building standards verifier re-appointments are awarded, Scotland's 32 local authorities are being appointed for different periods, namely one year, three years and a maximum of six years. It is only the highest performing authorities who are able to show consistency in service delivery against the National Performance Framework which are being awarded the maximum period of appointment.

Consider Completion Certificates

The principal role of the verifier is to consider and make decisions on building warrant and other associated applications and to consider applications for Completion Certificates through the process of reasonable inquiry. Verifiers must be impartial and their working practices, transparent, competent and consistent in their activity and accountable for their actions.

Performance Framework

Verifiers are required to closely comply with the requirements of the Performance Framework which is aimed at improving the quality of service delivery as well as ensuring consistency and predictability of verification activities.