Tips and advice on applying

Applying for a job with Perth & Kinross Council

Do you value having a healthy work/life balance?

At Perth & Kinross Council, we recognise that enjoying your work is the first step to ensuring you can relax and enjoy your home life too.

We offer great flexible working benefits so that you can enjoy living here and working in an area that has some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland.

An opportunity not to be missed!

Register at MyJobScotland, set up alerts to our vacancies and if you see a job you're interested in which matches your skills, you can apply by completing the online application form see the vacancy for you.

Tips and advice


You can access all our external vacancies via the link above:

  • Make sure your application form is up to date - we'd like to know what work you're doing currently, or what you've done recently.
  • Is your email address correct? This is how we will contact you to let you know how your application is progressing. You don't want to miss out if your application is progressed to the next stage. Regularly check your email and spam account.
  • We may also contact you by phone, is your phone number correct?
  • Think about what will make a difference in the role and how you can make a lasting impression.
  • We want to know about your work experience but what else have you done? Perhaps you've taken part in voluntary work, challenging projects, travel, sports or professional development that has given you valuable skills.
  • Consider the vacancy you are applying for and make sure you tell us which skills and qualifications you have that closely match what we're looking for.
  • No need to rush. You can save your application in draft form and come back to it, but do note the closing date for the position as we are unable to accept applications after this date.
  • This may seem like common sense, but make sure you check your application for spelling mistakes and other errors. No 'txt spk', please.
  • To ensure that you do not lose anything due to system time out, you may want to consider typing your answers into Word and then copy them over to your application when you are ready.


  • Details of the selection process such as any assessments will be included in the email that invites you to interview.
  • Good preparation is by far the best way to ensure you get the most out of the interview experience. What do you know about Perth & Kinross Council? Find out about what we do and much more at (link to Why PKC) or read local newspapers. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Research the position and the skills and experience required. You can find this in the advert text and the job profile, make sure you take note or a copy of this information before the post closes (you will not be able to access it after it has closed).
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions. If you don't understand a question don't be afraid to ask us to repeat or rephrase it.
  • Bring any certificates required to verify your qualifications.
  • Remember the interview is your opportunity to get information from us so come prepared with your questions.
  • Finally, remember to be yourself. You've got this far and we've liked what we've seen. We'd just like to see that in more detail.

Disability Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme

  • Our application form provides an opportunity to declare any disability that you would like to be taken into account under the Disability Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme.
  • If you wish to declare a disability you need to indicate this at the appropriate place on the application form. You must provide evidence in your application that you meet all the essential criteria on the job profile to be guaranteed an interview under this scheme.

Conditional offer

  • If you are the preferred candidate after the selection stage, everything you need to know will be detailed on an email. Ensure that you read and understand what you have to do next as all pre-employment checks will have to be completed before you are given a formal offer of employment.