Perth and Kinross Proposed Local Development Plan comes under the spotlight

Elected members will consider a draft of the proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) 2017 - 2028 for Perth and Kinross at a Special Council Meeting on Wednesday 22 November 2017. Once approved, the draft LDP will undergo public consultation.

When adopted, the Plan will form the basis for determining planning applications and guide future development in the Perth and Kinross area.

The Proposed Plan can be accessed online. Dates for the consultation to start and end are also expected to be set at the Council meeting.

Local people are encouraged to make their opinions known on the contents of the Plan, and at this stage, the Council is asking people whether they support a particular policy or site in the plan, or if they would like the plan changed before it is adopted. Issues raised during the public consultation will be heard by an independent Reporter appointed by Scottish Ministers.

Convener of Perth & Kinross Council's Environment, Enterprise & Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Colin Stewart commented: "The Perth and Kinross LDP 2017-2028 is the result of extensive dialogue and engagement between the Council, key stakeholders, communities and developers.

"It follows on from the earlier publication and engagement on the Main Issues Report published in December 2015.The comments received on the Main Issues Report have helped shape this proposed Plan and we would like to hear whether local people are in agreement."

The local authority will also be consulting on the accompanying Environmental Report.