Your chance to comment on plans for Kinross-shire

On Saturday 2 December an information drop-in event will be held at the Loch Leven Community Campus from 11am until 3pm with information on the Proposed Local Development Plan 2, (LDP2), for Kinross-shire. This marks the start of the representation period on the Proposed Plan which, when adopted, will shape the development of the area.

Other than the following there have been few major changes for Kinross-shire during the update and refresh of the adopted LDP: 

Proposed Local Development Plan 2

The Proposed LDP2 seeks to safeguard land for long term potential southbound slip roads onto M90 motorway at Junction 7 - Milnathort. Although at this stage there is no financial commitment to this project, the Proposed Plan seeks to ensure that development here does not prejudice this project's potential delivery should it come forward.

A new mixed use allocation site is identified between Crook of Devon and Drum. This contains fewer houses than a proposal on the same site that was consulted on in February and March of this year.  This proposal could offer wider public benefits to the villages including 50 per cent affordable housing as opposed to the normal 25 per cent.

The Lethangie housing proposal, (near Loch Leven Community Campus), was also considered during earlier consultation. As sufficient land for housing has been identified in Kinross-shire, this proposal has not been brought forward into the Proposed Plan.

Documents available online

The Proposed LDP2 and supporting documents including an update to the Environmental Report are available on the Council website at The period of representation runs from 1 December 2017 to 2 February 2018.