Your chance to comment on plans for Perth area

On Thursday 14 December an information drop-in event will be held at Perth, 2 High Street, Civic Hall between 3pm-8pm with information on the proposals in the Proposed Local Development Plan 2 for Perth Area. Once adopted, the Local Development Plan will shape the development of the area.

This drop-in event will provide information on the main proposals in the Proposed Plan for Perth City and the surrounding area. Main proposals involve: a new larger Perth West; the Railway Station and PH2O leisure; the City Hall; Perth Quarry; the Hillside and Murray Royal hospital sites; and a new park and ride and employment site north of Bertha Park. There is also a future need for more cemetery space, and so the Council has identified two search areas at Perth West and at Isla Road.

Supports City Plan's ambitions

The Proposed Plan supports the City Plan's ambitions. The City Plan was prepared on behalf of the Perth City Development Board bringing together senior representatives of the private and public sector in Perth and Kinross and the wider region.  In support, the Proposed Plan has policies which provide a flexible framework which will assist landowners and developers to bring forward underutilised sites in the city centre, and which promote improvements of key transport routes and corridors. Also the Proposed Plan allocates the City Plan's key land use proposals. In particular it identifies a major new visual arts centre within the former City Hall, a new leisure centre (PH2O), and improvements to the railway station, all of which will further extend the use and attractiveness of the city.

Housing land

The inclusion of a larger Perth Westsite and some housing land within Perth Quarry and also at Ruthvenfield will help provide greater resilience and flexibility in the supply of housing land. For Perth Quarry it is also about delivering significant public benefits. This will be achieved through parkland and recreational paths and through serviced employment land and/or commercial leisure proposals and facilities.

The event will also contain information about the main proposals in the surrounding villages.  In Dunning, there is a change to an existing housing proposal west of Latchburn Wynd extending it further westwards along Auchterarder Road.