Cllr Lyle thanks staff for severe weather work

Leader of Perth & Kinross Council, Councillor Murray Lyle, has visited road clearing teams in Kinross today (Friday 2 March 2018).

He said: "The weather we have faced over the past few days has been exceptional, and so has the response of our staff. Road clearance teams have been out constantly, day and night, gritting and clearing roads, often in extreme weather, keeping our main priority routes open despite the severely drifting snow. Social care staff and our partner providers have made sure clients are getting the care and support they need across Perth and Kinross. Many others have gone above and beyond to help out, even if their usual work has been disrupted, such as the Traffic Wardens who have been clearing disabled parking spaces of snow.

"I am very proud of our dedicated staff and partners for their ongoing commitment to the people of Perth and Kinross and would like to thank them all. My gratitude also goes out to the many people across the region who have checked on vulnerable neighbours, cleared snow from pavements, and helped in myriad other ways. Thank you to all of our citizens for your patience and understanding as we work to get services back to normal but that may be well into next week given the weather forecast."