Speed warning signs programme roll-out set to continue

Progress in providing vehicle-activated signs (VAS) that warn motorists of reduced speed limits or a road hazard ahead of them, will be reported to the next Environment and Infrastructure Committee on Wednesday 23 May 2018.

The VAS programme has been taken forward in recent years by the Council in response to requests from communities where road safety concerns have been raised.  

Councillors will hear that the positive recognition of travelling below the speed limit given by the signs generally encourages a greater level of compliance with the lower limit among motorists.

Signs giving motorists feedback on their speed, or alerting them to, for example, upcoming junctions, have been installed in locations around Perth and Kinross. 30 new sites were added in 2017/2018, as well as the upgrading of 10 existing signs. In addition, four sites where temporary signs had previously been on a rotating programme were also made permanent locations.

The report sets out plans for further signs to be installed over the next two years. This includes proposals to assess the effectiveness of the signs with pre- and post-installation traffic surveys at ten sites. The surveys are intended to identify any changes in driver behaviour and vehicle speeds and also determine whether the VAS programme can be further expanded or if alternative traffic calming measures are required.

Environment and Infrastructure Convener, Councillor Angus Forbes said: "Vehicle-activated signs provide both a very clear message to motorists about safe driving, and a level of reassurance for residents. Local communities are regularly asking for more of the signs, and I am delighted that this administration has been able to deliver so many to date as well as looking to install even more in the future."