Authority to write off debt

At the next meeting of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee on June 13, members will be asked to give authority to Council Officers to write-off some of the outstanding debts of money owed to the different services across the Council.

Councillor Murray Lyle, Convener of the Strategic Policy and Resources committee, said "This is an annual accounting exercise, in which the members of this Committee are asked to give permission for certain debts to be written off. It is important to recognise that the debt recommended to be written off has accumulated over many years, and is dwarfed by the amount successfully collected by the Council each year. However, officers can and do continue to pursue outstanding payments owed to the Council wherever they can.

Every year, the vast majority of people pay on time for the services we provide, helping us to achieve a council tax collection rate of 97.35% last year: one of the highest in Scotland."

The debt proposed to be written off, for accounting purposes only, includes:

  • £479,983.47 of Council Tax debt (including Water and Waste Water Charges), which is equivalent to 0.47% of the money due for the 2017/18 financial year
  • £998,921.60 in rent charges owed by former tenants. This follows a comprehensive review of the housing revenue account and covers debts owing over the previous 8 years. The in year collection rate for housing rents was 98.73% and the total rental charges raised in 2017/18 was £25.5 million