Results of Zero Waste Challenge

Congratulations to all householders who took part in the Glenfarg & Kinross-shire Zero Waste Challenge in April and May, to mark the end of a year of Sainsbury's-funded 'Waste Less, Save More' food waste reduction activities.

During these six weeks of the Challenge, householders reduced their waste to landfill and increased their recycling by six and a half tonnes.  So PKC is awarding the money saved on disposal costs - approximately £110 per tonne - back to the community: awarding £715 to local organisation Broke Not Broken, who run a community foodbank for the Kinross-shire and Glenfarg area, managed solely by volunteers, and who are currently working with NHS Tayside Healthy Communities Project to fund the Kinross Recovery & Conversations Café.   

Councillor Angus Forbes, Convenor of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee explains, 'The average Perth & Kinross household fills one third of their general waste bin with food waste - and most of that food is still edible.  The Sainsbury's-funded project has enabled PKC's Waste Services to provide a year of activities in Kinross-shire and Glenfarg to help householders plan their food shopping, store food so that it lasts longer and find new recipes to use up ingredients so that they can save money on their food bills and help the Council to send less waste to landfill - a cost which increases annually.  I'm delighted that this year-long campaign has helped householders to adopt new habits which they can continue long-term and hope that householders will continue to share their hints and tips for reducing food waste with their friends, family and neighbours.'

During the Zero Waste Challenge, householders were invited to enter a competition, sharing their own delicious recipe which creatively uses up leftovers and is inspired by regional ingredients.  The winning recipes were from the Nicholls Family and Pat Doran, who shared their recipes for beetroot coconut bites and Kheema with potatoes and peas.  The Nicholls family won a £50 voucher to spend on food at Sainsbury's Kinross and Pat won £30 worth of vouchers for spending at Glenfarg Community Cinema, Hunters of Kinross and the Unorthodox Roasters café in Kinross. 

All of the competition entries are being culminated in an online Recipe Book which will shortly be available on the Waste Less Save More page of this website,  along with recipes from local businesses and organisations including Jenny Thomson of Courses for Cooks, Gill Sievwright of Weight Watchers Kinross, and Graeme Pallister of 63 Tay Street Restaurant, who all assisted with the Zero Waste Challenge Workshops. 

For more information about how to reduce your food waste, please visit the Waste Less Save More page, email or telephone the Council's Waste Services on 01738 476476.