A827 roadworks update

Essential road maintenance work on the A827 at Cultullich Bridge to the east of Aberfeldy will now be undertaken in 2019 to ensure community feedback and environmental considerations can be fully taken into account.

While the work to construct a concrete retaining wall is important to stabilise the existing embankment, there is no imminent safety risk. The wall will continue to be monitored through regular visual inspections by the Roads Maintenance Partnership throughout the year, supported by specialist monitoring by the Council's structures team.

The decision to defer has been taken because there is a relatively short window of time available in which to do the work to meet the terms of the Council's environmental licence from SEPA to work in the nearby watercourse. Following feedback from the local community on the potential impact of a full road closure to support the work officers have been exploring options for keeping the road partially open.

The timescales for commissioning these alternatives means that it will not be possible to complete this and have the work go ahead before the licence for this year expires in October.

Councillor Angus Forbes, Convener of Environment & Infrastructure for the Council said: "We have listened to the concerns raised by local residents about the impact a full road closure would have on the area while this work is going ahead. While it remains the fastest and safest way to undertake the work, officers have been actively exploring alternative options. Postponing the work to 2019 will allow officers to fully explore these alternatives before engaging with elected members and the local community in advance of the work being undertaken."