Support for community halls' improvement from Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn Action Partnership

The Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn Action Partnership is set to provide valuable support for improvement work at three local community halls in its area.

The Action Partnership is made up of representatives from a diverse range of public services, members of the local Community Councils, and local residents, including a youth representative, and its purpose is to "tackle local inequalities by setting priorities to work for and with the community".

A local Action Plan has been developed and is focused on tackling existing inequalities and addressing specific interests such as young people, carers or people facing isolation.

Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn Action Partnership is therefore pleased to announce that a £21,000 fund will be shared equally between three community halls identified as in need of repairs/upgrades.

A £7,000 cheque has been presented by the Partnership's Almond & Earn Sub-Group to a representative for each of the following community facilities:

Bridge of Earn Institute - this will help to address inequalities for older people as the upgrade works planned to the Institute will allow the lunch club to continue, helping older people to stay connected to their community, keep in touch with their friends and to feel included and valued. The upgrade work to the Institute will also benefit the wider local community through improved access to services and activities, helping to reduce isolation.

Methven Community Centre - a refurbishment of the vestry will allow the delivery of IT learning for older people, again supporting them to keep connected to their community, family and friends and help to combat loneliness. The upgrade will also benefit all community members in terms of rural access to services and activities, reducing isolation and supporting health and wellbeing.

Abernethy Pavilion - the funding will help with roof repairs to ensure that the hall is wind and water tight, and support continued access to activities and services intended to have a positive impact on the whole community's health and wellbeing.