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Primary School Meals

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Education & Children's Services in partnership with their catering service provider, Tayside Contracts have developed a pdf icon school meal menu for primary schools [11Mb] which offers healthier choices such as salad bars, fruit, milk, fruit juices and bread on a daily basis.  Home-made dishes which have been carefully developed to ensure the fat, sugar and salt content is not excessive have replaced the majority of processed food choices.

A pdf icon meat free option [26kb], pdf icon a pork free menu [27kb] and pdf icon polish menu are [73kb] also available in all schools. The following additional choices are being made by Primary Schools until March 2017 pdf icon Primary School 4th Menu Choice [27kb]. All the menus are available in word format. A supplementary pdf icon menu containing allergy information [3Mb] is also available.

Take a look at our Spring and Summer meals pdf icon Week 1 [1Mb]pdf icon Week 2 [1Mb], pdf icon Week 3 [1Mb] and pdf icon Week 4 [1Mb] Menus.

We have an ongoing consultation programme with pupils to find out what they think about the school meals.  This information is used to help develop menus and the service.

All schools operate a pre-order system to help ensure children get their preferred choice of meal. Children typically make their choice during morning registration in the classroom.  Please note that any meals ordered by children in error or who subsequently go home ill, may be charged for if the kitchen is informed of the error/their absence after 10.30am.

pdf icon The service in primary schools continues to be developed [548kb], for example, a number of schools have set up healthier eating tuckshops, and many have reviewed lunch time to make it a more enjoyable experience for pupils.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement regarding the school meals service please contact us at:

E-mail: ecscateringsupport@pkc.gov.uk.
Tel: 01738 476341

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