Budget consultation

Budget 2018/19

Like all local authorities we are preparing for the significant financial challenges which lie ahead.  Our strong record of prudent financial management has allowed us to protect services for the most part from large-scale reductions.  However, we continue to see increasing demand for services which place additional pressures upon us to deliver while managing reducing budgets. Your views will help us make informed decisions on these issues which reflect the priorities identified by our communities.

Your views

To help us make informed decisions, we need to ask for your opinions on how we could make savings from the budget.  Please tell us how you feel about different service areas, how you would make savings from the Council budget and share any ideas you may have for helping the Council generate additional revenue.  A summary of responses will be included in the report considered by the Council when agreeing the budget in February 2018.

Complete our short survey

The consultation is open until midnight on Sunday 4th February and the results will be made available shortly after the consultation closes.

How we currently spend our budget

Explore the infographics below to find out how we currently spend the Council budget and where our income comes from.