It Goes On and On and On

It Goes On and On and On is a series of films about harassment and bullying of people with disabilities made by residents of Perth and Kinross. This project was led by the Us and the Housing group.

Us and the Housing group is made up of local residents with learning disabilities who come together around their common interest in issues related to housing in Perth and Kinross.

One of the key issues highlighted by the group was a wish to raise awareness about the harassment people with a disability often face. With the support of Independent AdvocacyTenant Participation and  Community learning and development the group worked with local young people to make three short films which reflect the kinds of behaviour they have experienced.

The films they have made are available to view below. If you work with a community group, and you would like a DVD of the films to show to them, or you would like to arrange for someone to visit your group and speak on these issues, please contact:

There are also a series of 'instructions' available to accompany the films to support community groups, schools and staff to make use of the films and to inform discussions.