Your Rent Levels 2018-19

A rent increase of 2.2% for all Council tenants for 2018/19 was approved by Housing and Communities Committee on Wednesday 24th January 2018.

The increase, which came into effect from April 2018, means the average rent paid by tenants in Perth and Kinross is £67.45 per week, compared to the projected Scottish average of £72.19. Perth & Kinross Council will remain the 8th lowest rent in Scotland, £4.74 lower than the projected 2018/19 Scottish average.

The increase followed an extensive consultation with tenants, who were asked to indicate their preferred rent increase out of three options:

The options were:

  • 2.2% rent increase - the base level and officers' recommendation
  • 1.0% rent increase - a reduction of £5million worth of capital investment
  • 3.5% rent increase - an increase of £5million worth of capital investment

Over 58% of tenants who responded to the consultation indicated that they preferred the option of a 2.2% increase.

This enhancement to the consultation process provided all tenants with genuine options to consider, with information on each about the impact on service delivery and affordability for tenants. All tenants have had an opportunity to express their preferred level of rent increase for the forthcoming year.

All rent money paid by tenants is ring-fenced to pay for their housing services. A rent increase of 2.2% will allow the Council to continue to invest in services and housing improvements for tenants. We will also continue to increase our housing stock through new-builds, council house buy-backs and bringing old buildings back into use as affordable housing. This is what tenants have told us they want to see their rent money spent on.

You can use this Rent Calculator to find out what your rent level is for 2018/19.

If you are a tenant and have any queries in the meantime, you should speak to your Housing Officer, call your Locality Housing Office on 01738 476000 or email