Rannoch Timber Transport Project (RTTP)

PKC / Strategic Timber Transport Scheme grant funded road improvement works on the B846 and B847 roads


Perth and Kinross Council made a bid to the Strategic Timber Transport Scheme fund operated by the Forestry Commission for Scotland and funded through the Scottish Government for match funding money for road improvements on the B846 and B847 roads in the Rannoch area which have been subject to increasing amounts of usage by timber transport lorries over the past two years.

We have been awarded £1.479m from the fund which represents a 70% match funding grant for the work with the remaining £634k being provided by Perth and Kinross Council through our capital money budget giving a total project budget of £2.113m.

The local communities affected by the increase in timber transport lorries have made representations to their local Councillors and to the PKC Road Maintenance Partnership over the past two years to voice their concerns over the increase in the amounts of HGV's now using the local roads network in the Rannoch area. This match funding money will be used to fund a project to carry out road improvements to mitigate the effects of timber lorries on the local roads network and improve safety for other motorists using these roads.

Public consultation

Any businesses that have been identified as likely to be affected by the work have been consulted in advance of the project start and a public consultation meeting has been held at Kinloch Rannoch hall where the local community and forestry managers were given details of the scope of the project. Feedback on concerns and expectations of the local communities and businesses was received and we will endeavour to meet as many of these expectations as is reasonably practicable and manage the others as part of the project.

Project phases

Phase one

B847 from B846 Balmore junction to C453 Bohespic road junction - August to November 2017

Phase two

B846 from Balmore to Kinloch Rannoch - October to December 2017

Phase three

B846 from Kinloch Rannoch to C450 road junction near Bridge of Gaur - October to December 2017

Phase four

B847 from C453 Bohespic road junction to Calvine - December 2017 to February 2018

Phase five

B846 from C450 South Loch Rannoch road junction near Bridge of Gaur to Rannoch Station - November and December 2017

Scope of works

For four of the five phases of the project listed above it will be necessary for work to be carried out under road closures in order to comply with current health and safety legislation, traffic management requirements and industry best practice to protect the workforce.

As part of our planning the programme of works consultation will be held with stakeholders and every effort will be made to mitigate any disruption caused by these road closures through using signed diversion routes and keeping roads open out with normal working hours whenever possible.

The work will consist of the construction of gabion basket retaining walls and around 24,000 LM of edge haunch to the edge of the carriageway along with associated carriageway resurfacing works to repair and strengthen the weaker areas at the edge of these roads. In addition it is proposed to construct 86 passing places at various locations along the B846 and B847 road in order to provide refuge areas for other road users when coming into conflict with timber transport lorries or other HGV's.

School transport

For the B847 road works school transport pick up times and locations will not be affected by the road closure.  The taxis will be using the signed diversion route on the C453 Bohespic road.

Construction completed to date

More information to follow

PKC contacts for project enquiries

Enquiries on road closures and access requirements

07342 066200

General enquiries

Andy Brown - Project Manager arbrown@pkc.gov.uk 01738 477241

Sandy Morrice - Technician smorrice@pkc.gov.uk 07342 066200