Strengthening families

What's it all about?

The Strengthening Families Programme is a 7 week programme that helps families with young people in P6 & P7 prepare for their teenage years. Becoming a teenager can be a challenging time for young people and parents alike.  Strengthening Families is proven to support both parents and young people through this time of change, helping them to achieve greater success when they move on to secondary school.

What happens?

As a family you attend one session each week for 7 weeks.  Each week you will learn by:

  • watching informative DVDs
  • taking part in fun activities; and
  • sharing discussions.

The programme is free to attend and a light meal is provided at each session.  Creche facilities are also available for brothers and sisters and transport can also be arranged.

What are the benefits?

See our videos below and our icon Strengthening Families Newsletter [223Kb] highlight some of the benefits.

How do I apply to join the programme?