Proposed Local Development Plan 2

What is the Proposed Local Development Plan?

Explore the Perth & Kinross Proposed Local Development Plan through our Interactive Story map .

This StoryMap highlights the policies and settlements which have had significant changes since LDP1 or are new additions. Please refer to the main document to view all settlements and policies within the Proposed LDP2. In addition, the StoryMap includes an interactive map which displays all spatial elements of the Proposed Plan.

We have also prepared a video to help assist with viewing the Proposed Plan, and provide a general introduction to the development planning process.

The Proposed Plan is a land use planning document which includes a clear long-term sustainable settlement strategy that reflects local needs, priorities and circumstances. The Plan will influence the location and form of new development by providing a basis for determining planning applications. The Proposed Plan represents the Council's settled view as to what the final content of the Plan should be. The Proposed Plan has been informed by the consultation on the Main Issues Report, an Environmental Assessment and background studies, including recently published Infrastructure Reports for key settlements. Further information on the timeline and how we have consulted on the Development Plan is available through our Development Plan Scheme.

How do I view the Proposed Plan?

The following documents were published as part of the Proposed Plan consultation:

As well as electronically, hard-copies of documents are available to view at Pullar House (Perth). If you wish to purchase any of the documents please contact a member of the team using the details below.

Infrastructure Reports have also been prepared to inform the Proposed Plan and will be reviewed periodically.

A full set of reports on the responses received during the MIR consultation period can be viewed here:

Environmental Assessment

As part of the plan-making process we are required to consider and assess any potential significant environmental effects. This is done through the undertaking of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), the results of which are presented in an Environmental Report. At this stage in the process, the Council has prepared an Addendum to the Environmental Report and this was published alongside the Proposed LDP for consultation.

The following SEA documents were published as part of the consultation:

For further information on the Environmental Report which was published at the Main Issues Report stage, please visit the Main Issues Report webpage.

Information events

The Period of Representation has now closed. The consultation period took place for a period of 9 weeks between Friday 1 December 2017 and Friday 2 February 2018.

We held 10 public information drop-in events which took place during the period of representation visiting Kinross, Auchterarder, Blairgowrie, Pitlochry, Perth, Aberfeldy, Alyth and Crieff.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the progress of the LDP, please email with your email or home address.

How can I comment on the Proposed Plan?

The period for representation on the Proposed Plan has now closed. To discuss any matter relating to the consultation, please contact a member of the team in writing, email or via telephone. Any representations received after the 2 February 2018 deadline will not be taken in to account.


If you would like to help us improve the representation process or information events please get in touch.

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