Action Programme

The Action Programme has been prepared to support the delivery of the Perth & Kinross Adopted Local Development Plan which was adopted on 3 February 2014.  The Action Programme sets out the actions, timescales and partnerships required to implement the policies, proposals and strategies contained within the Local Development Plan through to 2024.

Legislation requires the Action Programme to be published within three months of the Local Development Plan being approved by Scottish Ministers.  The Draft Action Programme was published in May 2013 which accompanied the Proposed Local Development Plan.

An updated icon Action Programme [756Kb] was published in May 2017 to accompany the Local Development Plan and the next update will be published in October 2017.

Development site update

If you have an update for a LDP development site, please download the icon Development Site Form [50Kb]. Once this has been completed please return it to us by email or by post using the address on the form.

What happens next?

Legislation states that Action Programmes should be regularly reviewed and updated at least every 2 years.  Perth & Kinross Council intend to maintain the Action Programme as a working document and re-publish an updated version more regularly to ensure that it remains a robust and effective document that will aid delivery of development.  We aim to work closely with landowners and developers to ensure the Action Programme is kept up-to-date and sets out the timescales for delivery.

Contact details

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