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Glass recycling for business

A commercial recycling service for the uplift of green, blue, brown and clear glass bottles and jars.

Many businesses find that glass is one of their heaviest and bulkiest items. Glass is also 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality. The Council is able to offer an integrated package of waste and recycling services, which will ensure your business is fully compliant with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

Perth & Kinross Council's Commercial icon Glass Recycling Collection [231Kb] guide provides information on the types of recycling we accept from your business.

Why should your business recycle glass bottles and jars?

Under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations, all businesses in Scotland are required to recycle the glass bottles and jars produced throughout the course of their operations.

Recycling Services are a more cost effective way of dealing with your waste than residual (non-recyclable) waste, which is sent to landfill. Compared to processing recycled waste, disposing of residual waste is far more costly due to landfill tax, which rises year on year.

By using these services you will also be contributing to a drive for greater resource efficiency in Scotland by diverting waste away from landfill.

For colour segregated collections, there is a flat rate annual charge, regardless of the amount of glass your business produces. Mixed Glass collection charges will vary depending on the number of containers and collections you require.

In addition, Local Authority commercial waste collection services are outside the scope of VAT. Therefore, commercial waste collection services provided by Perth and Kinross Council are not subject to VAT, which is beneficial to many businesses in Perth and Kinross.

Waste and Recycling Audits

Understanding your waste is key to introducing a cost effective waste and recycling service. Use our icon Waste and Recycling Audit Sheet [170Kb] to identify what your waste consists of, in terms of both the type and approximate volume of waste being produced.

If these services are of interest to your business or organisation, our Commercial Waste and Recycling Team can provide a free Zero Waste Compliance.  You can also:

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