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Our vision for smart growth

Perth will be one of Europe's great small cities.

By 2035:

  • Perth will have grown to have a population of around 60,000, within a successful city-region of over 160,000 people and an international reputation for enterprise, learning, culture and an exceptional quality of life.
  • A core group of blue-chip companies continue to provide the foundation for Perth's prosperity and enviable quality of life, and they have been joined by a cohort of fast-growing SMEs, leaders in science, technology and creativity with an international outlook.
  • Perth College, the lead partner in the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), has a growing reputation for excellence in teaching and niche research strengths which have helped to attract a cosmopolitan population of high-calibre first degree and graduate students to the city.
  • Perth represents the best in small city living: great architecture and public spaces, stylish shopping, fine food, a dynamic arts and culture scene embracing and promoting the city's historic past and its future in a range of venues. It has become a truly elegant historic city with a superb riverside promenade and access to wonderful countryside and outdoor recreation.
  • Perth has invested in new hotels, facilities and attractions; capitalising on its strategic location, it has become a destination of choice for tourists, business visitors and conferences.
  • The new River Tay crossing has been completed, and complementary investment in public transport, walking and cycling networks and digital infrastructure have created an accessible city that encourages active travel and reduces car dependency.
  • Perth has met the challenge of smart growth: its new neighbourhoods are vibrant mixed use communities with a rich mix of homes, workspace, leisure and social infrastructure, fully integrated into the life of the city. Carbon neutral developments, renewables and waste reduction minimise the environmental impact of residents and businesses.
  • The economic connections with our neighbour Dundee have been strengthened and, working together, Perth and Dundee are an east coast powerhouse of creativity and innovation.