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Concessionary travel

Concessionary travel gives free or discounted trips on public transport to the people that need it most.

Saltire card

The national travel concession scheme provides free bus travel Scotland-wide for older and disabled people and Under 22 year olds (5 - 21 year olds).

The same eligibility criteria applies across Scotland and is set in legislation.  If you do not fall under the criteria within the legislation you will not be eligible to join the scheme.

Older person's bus pass

If you are a resident of Scotland and are aged 60 or over, or will be 60 within the next 2 weeks, you can apply for a National Entitlement Card.

Bus passes for people with disabilities/mental health conditions

If you are applying on the grounds of disability including mental disorder, mental illness, and personality disorder you must be a resident in Scotland and be of fare paying age (aged 5 years or older).

You must qualify under set criteria and provide evidence of eligibility with your application.

Bus passes with companion entitlement (C+1)

Following legislation being passed by The Scottish Parliament all persons, whose mobility is such that they require to be accompanied when travelling, can apply for a Companion Concessionary Card. This card allows both the eligible person and one companion to travel free of charge together for the same journey by bus.  This change extends the existing National Concessionary Travel Scheme to eligible children under the age of 5, allowing free bus travel for an accompanying companion.  The scheme extension applies only to disabled children who are eligible to have a companion travel with them. All other children aged under 5, regardless of whether they have a disability, currently travel for free on commercial bus services.

The companion can vary from journey to journey providing they board and alight the bus at the same locations as the card holder.

There is no need for a companion cardholder to be accompanied on all journeys they make.  They have the choice of whether to travel on their own or whether to have a companion with them. You must qualify under set criteria and provide evidence of eligibility with your application.

Young person's concessionary travel

If you are aged 16-18, or a full time volunteer under the age of 26 the Young Scot NEC gives a 1/3 discount off the adult single fare on most local and long-distance buses in Scotland and also discount on rail journeys and season tickets.

Young persons free bus travel scheme for under 22s

5-21 year olds living in Scotland can now apply to access free bus travel.

Even if you already have a National Entitlement Card or Young Scot National Entitlement Card, you must apply for a new or replacement card to travel by bus for free. Parents or guardians must provide approval for children aged between 5-15 to access the scheme by applying on their behalf.   Young people aged 16-21 should apply themselves.

The website provides all the information needed to apply.

How to apply

AgeWhich NEC?Approval required?Application options
0-4 yearsNo card required bus travel is freeNoN/A
5-10 yearsNEC (without photo)

Parent/guardian to apply

Online via or
GETYOURNEC.SCOT, if your child is not enrolled in P1-P7 at a PKC school

11-15 years (no current NEC)

NEC (with photo), or Young Scot NEC

Parent/guardian to apply









11-15 years (with current NEC)

NEC (with photo), or Young Scot NEC

Parent/guardian to apply

16-21 years (no current NEC)

NEC (with photo), or Young Scot NECApply by themselves
16-21 years (with current NEC)NEC (with photo), or Young Scot NEC


Apply by themselves

Online via GETYOURNEC.SCOT or via the Transport Scot Pass Collect app

If you cannot, or do not want to apply online, you can download the required form:

If you are unable to download a copy and need a paper application or would like further advice contact Customer Services:


Bus passes for people with disabilities or with a companion entitlement (+1) will require to be renewed at regular intervals. When your card is due to expire you will have to provide current evidence of your eligibility. You do not need to make a new application.

Last modified on 17 November 2022

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