Enforcement Notices

The Council as Planning Authority can issue enforcement notices when unauthorised development has taken place,  including situations where an unauthorised change of use of land or buildings has occurred.

Where planning permission has been granted subject to planning conditions, enforcement action can be taken when conditions are breached. Enforcement action is also used in circumstances where there has been unauthorised advertisements displayed, where the appearance/condition of land is adversely affecting amenity, and when unauthorised works have been undertaken to a listed building.

For information explaining when these powers are exercised, please see the Planning Enforcement page, and for information on the types of Notices issued, please see the Enforcement Powers page.

Where can I see the notices?

To comply with the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, each Scottish Planning Authority must keep a register of formal notices served for an indefinite period. The full Planning Enforcement Registers can be viewed at Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD during normal office hours.

The list below contains the planning enforcement and related notices served by Perth & Kinross Council for the last three complete years; only the notices that remain in force are included in the list.  The notices are listed in the order they were issued, unless they are subsequent notices relating to an earlier enforcement case, in which case they will be registered under the last issue date. Any notices that are not shown on this list can be viewed in the complete Planning Enforcement Registers at Pullar House.

Ref noProperty addressSummary of alleged breachNotice typeNotice issued
icon 15/00157/UNAUSE [346Kb]Land at, and associated with, 133 Cedar Drive. PerthAmenity of the AreaAmenity02/02/16
icon 16/00042/PLACON [540Kb]Land North of Kilmagadwood Cottage, ScotlandwellBreach of Planning ConditionEnforcement23/03/16

icon 14/00193/ALUNDV [203Kb]

icon 14/00193/ALUNDV Appeal [314Kb]

49 Grange Terrace, PerthUnauthorised Development


Appeal - Dismissed



icon 13/00302/ALUNDV [284Kb]Unit 1, Blair Street, PerthUnauthorised DevelopmentSection 33A24/05/16
icon 16/00009/LISTED [245Kb]7 & 9 Galvelmore Street, CrieffUnauthorised DevelopmentListed Building Enforcement23/05/16
icon 16/00132/LAND [327Kb]Land rear of Ochiltree, 107 Willoughby StreetAmenity of the AreaAmenity24/05/16
icon 16/00145/PLACON [920Kb]Land at Ballinloan Farm, Trochry, DunkeldBreach of Planning Condition 11Breach of Condition09/06/16
icon 16/00166/LAND [538Kb]Land at Culdairbeg, Fearnan, AberfeldyAmenity of the AreaAmenity30/06/16

icon 16/00228/PLACON [594Kb]

icon 16/00228/PLACON - Appeal [354Kb]

Allan Terrace, Mortlach Place, Christie Place, Malloch Avenue, Dufftown Place,

Weir Place, Dalwhinnie Place, Cooper Drive, Lagavulin Place, Edradour Terrace,

Talisker Place, Oban Place, Cragganmore Place, Perth, Perthshire.

Breach of Planning Condition


Appeal - Allowed



icon 16/00227/ALUNDV [235Kb]14 Braeside Road, Ballinluig, PitlochryUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement09/09/16
icon 16/00207/PLACON [865Kb]38-30 High Street, PerthBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition15/09/16

icon 16/00178/UNAUSE [268Kb]

icon 16/00178/UNAUSE [50Kb]

Land at 10 Springfield Road, KinrossUnauthorised Development


Appeal - Varied



icon 16/00049/INAUSE [1Mb]126 High Street, Kinross KY13 8DABreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition26/10/16

icon 13/00269/ALUNDV [718Kb]

icon 17/00193/ALUNDV Appeal [124Kb]

22 Glentilt Terrace, PerthUnauthorised Development


Appeal - Dismissed



icon 13/00044/PLACON [235Kb]Grand Eagles Caravan Site, Dunning Road, AuchterarderBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition16/11/16

icon 16/00226/ALUNDV [1Mb]

icon 16/00226/ALUNDV APPEAL [51Kb]

Land at 9 Perth Road, Bankfoot, Perth

Unauthorised Development


Appeal - Dismissed



icon 16/00268/UNAUSE [2Mb]Lambhill, Blairingone, DollarUnauthorised DevelopmentSection 33A  - Withdrawn04/01/17
icon 16/00250/UNAUSE [951Kb]Storage Yard, Stirling Road, Milnathort, Kinross KY13 9XGUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement05/04/17

icon 17/00184/PLACON [454Kb]

icon 17 00274 PLACON BCN24 [2Mb]

Land North West of Lathro Farm, KinrossBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition



icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN1 [431Kb]

icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN2 [402Kb]

icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN3 [416Kb]

Former Coal Yard, Old Edinburgh Road, Bridge of EarnBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition




icon 17/00090/LISTED [245Kb]Knowehead House, Dundee Road, PerthBreach of Planning ConditionListed Building Enforcement29/09/17
icon 17/00055/ALUNDV [77Kb]Land North of Baldarroch House, MurthlyUnauthorised DevelopmentSection 33A03/10/17
icon 17/00191/PLACON [2Mb]Tullymurdoch Wind Farm, AlythBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition06/10/17
icon 17/00188/ALUNDV [343Kb]Liandra, 1 Friar Place, Scotlandwell, Kinross KY13 9WNUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement21/02/18
icon 17/00321/UNAADV [1Mb]Land along A93 near Blackwater Inn, Bridge of CallyUnauthorised AdvertisementsEnforcement16/01/18
icon 17/00299/PLACON [1Mb]Land to the West of Cherrybank Gardens, PerthBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition05/02/18
icon 18/00038/PLACON [2Mb]The A9/A85 Crieff Road Junction, PerthBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition


icon 17/00105/PLACON [985Kb]

icon ENA/340/2038 Appeal Notice [112Kb]

icon ENA/340/2039 Appeal Notice [114Kb]

24 Friar Street, Perth PH2 0EDUnauthorised Development


Appeal Varied

Appeal Varied




icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN 1.2 [2Mb]

icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN 2.2 [1Mb]

icon 16/00123/PLACON BCN 3.2 [1Mb]

Former Coal Yard, Old Edinburgh Road, Bridge of EarnBreach of Planning ConditionBreach of Condition


icon 16/00064/UNAUSE [308Kb]Land at Myreriggs Road, Myreriggs, BlairgowrieUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement07/03/18
icon 16/00256/UNAUSE [1Mb]Land and buildings at Hillview, Kinloch, BlairgowrieUnauthorised change of useEnforcement14/02/18
icon 18/00070/PLACON [2Mb]Land to rear of 71 Station Road, InvergowrieBreach of ConditionBreach of condition notice16/03/18
icon 16/00125/PLACON-BCN3 [1Mb]Land at Cherrybank, Necessity Brae, PerthBreach of ConditionBreach of condition notice15/06/18

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN3 [1Mb]

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN4 [2Mb]

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN 5 [2Mb]

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN11 [1Mb]

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN 16 [2Mb]

icon 16/00125/PLACON BCN 17 [2Mb]

Land at Cherrybank, Necessity Brae, PerthBreach of ConditionBreach of condition notice15/06/18

icon 13/00313/PLACON [565Kb]

icon 13/00313/PLACON APPEAL [120Kb]

Dollar Equestrian, Blairingone, DollarBreach of Condition


Enforcement Appeal Allowed



icon 18/00092/PLACON [532Kb]

icon 18/00092/PLACON - Appeal Decision [133Kb]

icon 18/00092/PLACON - Failure to comply with EN (1) [394Kb]

icon 18/00092/PLACON - Failure to comply with EN (2) [364Kb]

Dollar Equestrian, Blairingone, Dollar

Breach of Condition

Appeal Decision

Failure to comply with EN

Failure to comply with EN


Notice Amended

Fixed Penalty

Fixed Penalty





icon 15/00113/PLACON [2Mb]Burial Ground, Strowan Woodland Cemetery, ComrieUnauthorised DevelopmentSection 33A19/09/18
icon 16/00029/UNAUSE [1Mb]Drumsgate, Glendoick, GlencarseUnauthorised UseSection 33A19/09/18
icon 18-00157-LISTED [2Mb]Easter Orchilmore Farm Bothy, Killiecrankie Unauthorised DevelopmentListed Building Enforcement02/10/18
icon 18/00047/UNAADV [1Mb]16-18 Princes Street, PerthUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement15/11/18
icon 16/00172/LISTED [2Mb]Flat 2, 31b High Street, Perth PH1 5TJUnauthorised WorksListed Building Enforcement19/11/18
icon 18/00287/TREE [269Kb]Land at Cherrybank, Necessity Brae, PerthUnauthorised Tree RemovalTree Replacement05/12/18
icon 17/00274/PLACON [117Kb]Land 300 Metres North West of Lathro Farm, KinrossBreach of Condition NoticeFixed Penalty06/12/18
icon 17/00183/LISTED [993Kb]Flat 2, 9 St Leonard's Bank, Perth, PH2 8EBUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement08/01/19
icon 19/00020/PLACON [2Mb]South Inchmichael Farm, Errol, Perth, PH2 7SPBreach Of ConditionEnforcement21/01/19
icon 19/00021/PLACON [1Mb]Land 300 Metres North West of Lathro Farm KinrossBreach Of ConditionEnforcement21/01/19
icon 19/00022/PLACON [1Mb]Land 300 Metres North West of Lathro FarmBreach Of ConditionEnforcement21/01/19
icon 18/00171/ALUNDV [1Mb]88 Allison Crescent, Perth, PH1 2UNUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement24/01/19
icon 18/00310/PLACON [1Mb]Hawthorn Cottage, Gairney Bank, Kinross, KY13 9JXBreach Of ConditionEnforcement28/01/19

icon 18/00326/PLACON [3Mb]

icon 18/00326/PLACON - Appeal Decision [124Kb]

South Inchmichael Farm, Errol, PH2 7SP

Not in Accordance, Unauthorised Development, Unauthorised Change of Use

Appeal Decision


Notice Upheld



icon 18/00338/UNAADV [1Mb]McDiarmid Park, Crieff Road, Perth, PH1 2SJUnauthorised AdvertisementEnforcement21/02/19
icon 18/00127/ALUNDV [2Mb]Land North East of Tay Farm, Meikleour, Perth, PH2 6EEUnauthorised UseEnforcement23/03/19
icon 18/00261/UNAUSE [1000Kb]20 Brontonfield Drive, Bridge Of Earn, PH2 9HYUnauthorised UseEnforcement27/03/19
icon 13/00313/PLACON [1Mb]Dollar Equestrian, Blairingone, DollarNot in AccordanceEnforcement09/05/19
icon 19/00078/UNAADV [939Kb]Dollar Equestrian, Blairingone, DollarUnauthorised AdvertisementEnforcement09/05/19
icon 1800325PLACON [234Kb]33 Cavendish Avenue, Perth, PH2 0JTBreach Of ConditionEnforcement26/06/19

icon 19/00165/CONSRV [1Mb]

icon 19/00165/CONSRV [1Mb]

Kirklands Garage, 10 High Street, Kinross, KY13 8AWUnauthorised DevelopmentEnforcement04/07/19

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