Proposed LDP - Representations

The Council published the Proposed LDP in January 2012 and held a public consultation on the Plan between 30 January and 10 April. All the comments received during this time were logged as representations and are available to view on this page.

How do I find a representation?

The representations are available as downloads from the table below; they are ordered by representation number; each person who commented on the Plan has a unique 5 digit number.

If you would like to find specific representations; please use the icon Proposed Plan Representation Log [3Mb], this include a guide on how to use it to find your representation(s).

For each representation you want to read; use the 'Rep number' from the log to find the relevant download.

What happens next?

The Council has considered all the representations and has decided not to modify the Plan in response. The representations and the unresolved issues raised have been submitted to the Scottish Government for Examination. The LDP Examination web page will be kept up to date with this process.

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