Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

What is the Local Development Plan and why does it need a SEA?

The Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out the Council's policies and proposals for the use and development of land in the area. It provides guidance on what development will or will not be allowed and where. The potential significant effects of certain plans, policies and strategies on the environment needs to be assessed. This is done through the undertaking of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), the results of which are set out in an Environmental Report.

Has the Environmental Report been revised?

In October 2010, alongside the LDP Main Issues Report (MIR) the Council published and consulted on the:

In December 2010 the consultation period was extended and as a result there were minor changes to the Environmental Report  to reflect the changes to the consultation dates: this is Addendum 1:

Through the preparation of the current LDP it was considered that the MIR do not contain all of the detailed information that makes up a LDP. It was thought that there was not enough detail in that document to allow for the assessment of the full environmental implications of implementing all parts of the Plan. Therefore, through discussions with the Consultation Authorities (Historic Scotland, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and Scottish Natural Heritage) it was agreed that a further Addendum to the Environmental Report would be produced to provide more detail in terms of the potential environmental impacts of the Plan's policies and also the mitigation and enhancement measures identified for individual site proposals.

The Second Addendum (Addendum 2) was published on 30 January 2012, alongside the Proposed Local Development Plan; it provides the most up to date assessment of the potential environmental effects of the Local Development Plan and should be read in conjunction with the original Environmental Report.

What happens next?

The next stage in the SEA process will be the production of a Post-adoption Statement which will be published shortly after the Local Development Plan has been formally adopted by the Council. This statement will set out how the Environmental Report and Addendum No. 2 informed the development of the Plan, including how comments received on those documents have been taken into account in finalising the Plan.

Where can I get more Information?

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