Supplementary guidance - Flood risk and flood risk assessments

Revised Guidance

Please note that the Council has recently consulted on Supplementary Guidance for the emerging Local Development Plan 2 - further details are available on our LDP2 Supplementary Guidance page.

Supplementary Guidance

This Guidance will assist developers, their consultants and all stakeholders involved in the planning process in relation to flooding and drainage about the requirements of Perth & Kinross Council; including when a flood risk assessment will be required, and what that assessment should contain.

This Guidance is intended as supplementary guidance for the area of Perth and Kinross in respect of existing national legislation and guidance regarding flooding and drainage. It also aims to encourage an increased awareness, understanding and knowledge in flooding and drainage issues of everyone involved in the development process and thus make Perth and Kinross a safer place to live, work and visit.

This Guidance document is not intended to replace the consultation that developers will require to initiate with PKC Flooding Team and other consultees. Therefore, before submitting a planning application, developers are strongly advised to consult with the Council's Flooding Team and SEPA.

This Guidance relates to the Local Development Plan Policy EP2: New Development and Flooding. It was adopted in October 2014.

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