Supplementary guidance - Housing in the countryside

Revised Supplementary Guidance

Please note that the Council has recently consulted on Supplementary Guidance for the emerging Local Development Plan 2 - further details are available on our LDP2 Supplementary Guidance page.

Supplementary Guidance

The icon Housing in the Countryside supplementary guidance [47Kb] is used to help determine planning applications for residential development within the Adopted Local Development Plan area.

The policy aims to:

  • safeguard the character of the countryside,
  • support the viability of communities,
  • meet development needs in appropriate locations, and
  • ensure that high design standards of siting and design are achieved.

This guidance relates to the Local Development Plan policy RD3: Housing in the Countryside. The Housing in the Countryside Guide was revised in November 2012 as a result of being consulted on alongside the Proposed Plan and was adopted in October 2014.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

As part of the process we need to consult SEPA, SNH and Historic Scotland on the issues of significant environmental impact. The Housing in the Countryside SEA Environmental Report (available below) highlights the results of the assessment along with mitigation measures to ensure the guidance will not result in significant environmental impacts.

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