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Cases TCP/11/16(331) - TCP/11/16(360)

Case TCP/11/16(331)

14/01127/FLL - Erection of dwellinghouse on land 120 metres east of 10 Holding, Kingswell Road, Longforgan - Status: Withdrawn

Case TCP/11/16(332)

14/00468/FLL - Erection of a wind turbine and ancillary infrastructure, Colliston Farm, Drunzie, Glenfarg, PH2 9PE - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(333)

14/01595/IPL - Erection of dwellinghouse (in principle), land 50 metres west of Torr Na Loisgte, Dunkeld - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(334)

14/01280/FLL - Erection of 2 dwellinghouses, land 150 metres south west of Merklands House, Ballintuim - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(335)

14/01375/AML - Erection of dwellinghouse and carport (matters specified by conditions), land 110 metres south west of Little Bradyston, Murthly - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(336)

14/01379/FLL - Erection of dwellinghouse, land 30 metres south of Campmuir Cottage, Campmuir - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(337)

14/01467/IPL - Erection of a dwellinghouse, land 40 metres south west of Sallyvonteen, Milnathort - Status: Approved

Case TCP/11/16(338)

14/01308/FLL - Erection of 7 dwellinghouses, formation of access road and associated infrastructure, land 100 metres south of Merryorchard, Rumbling Bridge - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(339)

14/01482/FLL - Erection of dwellinghouse, land 500 metres south east of Moucums View, Leslie Road, Scotlandwell - Status: Approved

Case TCP/11/16(340)

14/00627/FLL - Erection of wind turbine and associated infrastructure, land 650 metres north west of Innernyte Farm, Kinclaven - Status: Refused