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Cases TCP/11/16(211) - TCP/11/16(240)

Case TCP/11/16(211)

Withdrawn prior to any action being taken

Case TCP/11/16(212)

12/00842/FLL - Change of use of existing clubhouse to dwellinghouse at Whitemoss Golf Club, Dunning, PH2 0QX - Status: Approval Withdrawn

Case TCP/11/16(213)

12/01304/IPL - Erection of two dwellinghouses (in outline) at Chimneys, Drumkilbo, Meigle, PH12 8QS - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(214)

12/01501/FLL - Installation of solar panels on roof of View Bank, High Street, Errol, PH2 7QE - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(215)

12/00990/IPL - Erection of a dwellinghouse (in principle) on plot at Blashieburn Stables, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(216)

12/01089/IPL - Residential development (in principle) on land 60 metres west of 14 Rawes Farm Steading, Longforgan - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(217)

12/00555/FLL- Erection of a fence at Bloomfield, Newburgh, Cupar, KY14 6EY - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(218)

12/01390/FLL - Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse at 52 South Inch Park, Perth, PH2 8BU - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(219)

12/00647/FLL - Erection of a dwellinghouse, formation of a vehicular access and associated polytunnel, shed and temporary caravan (in part retrospect) on land 450 metres south east of Garth Castle, Keltneyburn - Status: Refused

Case TCP/11/16(220)

12/00667/IPL - Erection of a dwellinghouse (in principle) on land 250 metres south west of 3 Old School, Church Road, Kinfauns - Status: Refused