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Jobcentre Plus (2)

Address60-62 High Street Perth PH1 5TH
ContactJobcentre Plus Personal Work Coach
Phone Number0845 604 3719
Agency BriefJobcentre Plus is part of the Department for Work and Pensions. It provides services that support people of working age move from welfare into work and helps Employers fill their vacancies. Jobcentre Plus plays a major role in supporting the Department's aim to promote opportunity and independence for all through modern, customer focused services.
Target Client Group

16 - 29

Programmes Offered

Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) is part of the Scottish Government's Youth Employment Strategy. Round 7 of CJS will create 700jobs for unemployed and vulnerable 16 - 29 yr olds for at least 25 hrs pw, and will pay at least the National Minimum Wage, or the Living Wage for 1 yr. CJS Employers are within a wide range of Third Sector Organisations, with vacancies covering various sectors.

The Scottish Government have advised that the following customer groups are considered as vulnerable - and only unemployed 16 - 29 yr old's in one or more of the following vulnerable groups can be referred to a CJS vacancy:-

Young Offenders - who are currently in custody - the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) will identify 16 - 29 yr olds who are ready for release, and work with the Prison Work Coach to confirm eligibility for CJS;

Any unemployed 16 - 29 yr old with a criminal conviction (includes Community Payback Orders);

Military Service early leavers - ie those who did not complete their full term within the last 6 years;

Care Leavers - SCVO will also work in Partnership with Organisations who deal with this customer group, Work Coaches can also refer any 16 - 29 yr old care Leaver;

Homeless person (including temporary or unstable accommodation)

Person affected by substance misuse (i.e. alcohol, drugs);


Person with a disability (includes moderate mental health issues or long-term health conditions);

Person with lower than SCQF Level 5 qualification (ie standard grade);

Work Programme completers who remain unemployed;

Adviser Discretion (which also includes Lone Parents; Ethnic Minorities; Refugees or Person with immigration status allowed to undertake employment.)


Day 1 eligibility applies for all eligible unemployed and vulnerable 16 - 29 yr olds and those eligible applicants can apply for any CJS vacancy in any of the 32 Local Authority Areas in Scotland - the applicant does not need to be in receipt of any benefit for a referral to be made.

 Applicants who have already been employed on a CJS job in the past, are not eligible to apply for another CJS vacancy.

CJS vacancies are available to all unemployed and vulnerable 16 - 29 yr olds - including those unemployed and vulnerable 16 - 29 yr olds customers - who are part of a Joint or Partner claim.

Any 16 - 29 year old who is participating in any of the following National Programmes is not eligible to apply for  a CJS vacancy:-

Work Programme; or

 Work Choice; or

Specialist Employability Support; or

Work Able Scotland; or

Work First Scotland:

ReferralJobcentre Plus Personal Work Coach
OutcomeCustomer employed for specific period of time

Stages Covered

Stage 4 Employer Engagement and Job Matching - Activities may include employer engagement through work experience and job matching, mentoring and supporting clients in the work place.

To learn more about the different stages, please read our icon Employability Pipeline [360Kb] page.