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Working together to deliver an excellent education

Leadership, Learning, Achievement, Achieving Excellence Together

We believe that staff, pupils, parents and the wider community all have a key role to play in working together to achieve excellence in our schools.  Our vision is for Perth and Kinross to be the best environment in which to learn, work and live.  We want all learners to achieve to their full potential by becoming responsible citizens, successful learners, effective contributors and confident individuals.

We believe that we can achieve our vision by establishing the best environment for learning and by setting clear standards that we expect all to aspire to meet.  These key standards are set out in the leaflets below. 

The icon Standard for Learning: Realising Potential [434Kb] focuses on ensuring all learners have access to the highest quality learning activities.  We believe that we can achieve this by ensuring that the curriculum, teaching, learning and arrangements for meeting learners' needs are all of a very good quality.

We also believe that we all have a responsibility to provide appropriate levels of leadership in schools.  For teaching staff this leadership role is undertaken principally in leading learning in the classroom and supporting whole school developments.  However, promoted staff, pupils,  parents and members of the community also have responsibilities and provide leadership in a range of contexts.  The icon Standard for Leadership [520Kb] sets out the key components of very good practice.

The icon Standard for Working Together [337Kb] relates to the importance of working together to secure improvement and sets out the commitments of schools in Perth and Kinross to work together with staff, learners, parents, carers and the community.