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Intensive Support Section

Intensive Support Section will work with and support young people aged between 12 and 17 and their families to resolve concerns at home, school and community. The age range may be flexible to accommodate those young people who present high risk behaviours and require support.

Criteria for Referral

There is evidence that the young person:

  • Engages in high risk and/or harmful behaviour
  • Has committed or is at risk of persistent offending
  • Susceptible to exploitation
  • There are significant family challenges in maintaining the young person at home
  • Young people, who have previously displayed any of the above behaviours, currently placed out with the family home and are transitioning back to their communities

What do we offer?

High levels of support, as soon as possible, with a focus on enabling young people to reduce risk, turn their lives around and prevent issues becoming more serious.

Services we provide

  • Consultation to partner agencies/staff to assist in assessing and planning for young people who display the above behaviours
  • Specialist risk assessments and reports
  • Focussed programmes of intervention
  • Caseholding responsibility where anticipated support is likely to exceed six months and/or the young person's needs are complex.

Our main aim is to encourage all Perth and Kinross' young people to:

  • Attain, achieve and reach their full potential
  • Improve the quality of life, opportunities and health for those who have experienced inequality
  • Be responsible and active citizens