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Detailed Privacy Notices

This page provides detailed Privacy Notices for some of the processes carried out by the Council which require individuals to supply us with personal information.

New Privacy Notices are added regularly. If you would like a detailed Privacy Notice for a process which does not appear on this page please contact the Information Governance team for assistance; contact details appear at the bottom of this page. The Information Governance team can also help if you would like a copy of a detailed Privacy Notice in a different language or format.

icon Coronavirus contingency measures [55Kb] 
icon Community link workers [46Kb]icon Complaints [45Kb]
icon Council Tax- Levying and Collection [48Kb]icon Customer relationship management system [39Kb]
icon Customer service centre - call recording [39Kb]icon Education for school and pre-school age children [49Kb]
icon Education psychology [68Kb]icon Email and web chat [55Kb]
icon Employees [47Kb]icon Financial systems [46Kb]
icon Financial assessment [46Kb]icon Food business operators [48Kb]
icon Free school meals, assistance with clothing and footwear [38Kb]icon Freedom of information requests [45Kb]
icon Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Privacy Notice 2019-10 [53Kb]icon Insurance claims [48Kb]
icon Medically-prescribed diets and nut/peanut allergy [49Kb]icon Missed domestic bin colleciton reports [38Kb]
icon Mortgages [45Kb]icon Music tuition [46Kb]
icon Pupil work experience placements - work IT database [47Kb]icon Recruitment [45Kb]
icon Recycling centre permits [37Kb]icon Recycling unit or bank - request to empty [38Kb]
icon Report a dead animal [38Kb]icon Report an issue with a public toilet [38Kb]
icon Roads and street lighting faults [54Kb]icon School meals cashless catering [48Kb]
icon Scottish welfare fund payments [45Kb]icon SEEMIS - main eduction system [60Kb]
icon Social prescribers [45Kb]icon Street cleaning request [38Kb]
icon Subject access requests [37Kb]icon Tenancy agreement [46Kb]
icon Tenant and resident participation [44Kb]icon Welfare rights team [44Kb]
icon Young person's NEC [45Kb] 

Contact details

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