Port-na-Craig footbridge 'lovelocks' to be removed

Perth & Kinross Council would advise that work to remove the 'lovelocks' attached to Pitlochry's Port-na-Craig footbridge will begin on Monday 12 November 2018.

The work is being carried out as the extent of the padlocks is now such that it is preventing full inspection of the bridge and its structural elements. They are also causing damage to the bridge paintwork leading to rusting of steel sections, as well as posing a potential snagging hazard for pedestrians.

The removal of the locks and touch-ups to the bridge paintwork are expected to be completed, weather permitting, by Thursday 22 November. Port-na-Craig footbridge will remain open to the public at all times during the lock removal and painting works.  Additionally, signs will be erected at either end of the bridge advising that any lovelocks placed on the bridge in future will be removed, for the reasons stated above.

For the duration of the works, four parking bays at the Tummel Crescent Car Park will be used for the site compound. This area will be fenced off and will be returned to its current condition at the end of the works.

The padlocks, once removed, will be stored at Pitlochry Library for approximately four weeks to give their owners the opportunity to collect them. For library opening times, please see http://www.culturepk.org.uk/your-local-library/pitlochry-library/.