Waste and recycling collections over the festive period

Householders are reminded that on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (25 and 26 December) and the New Year Bank Holidays (1 and 2 January):  

  • There will be no kerbside bin collections;
  • All nine Recycling Centres will be closed;
  • All public toilets will be closed;
  • Perth Crematorium and Greyfriars Cemetery will be closed (with Greyfriars Cemetery also closed on 31 December);
  • The last special uplift collection will be 20 December and normal collections resume on 3 January;
  • Toilets under the Council's Comfort Scheme may be available - please check our Map of public toilets and comfort schemes for details.

Collection Calendars continue to be paperless so householders can check their scheduled bin collection dates.  Unless householders receive a letter advising otherwise, residents scheduled to have their green or blue bins emptied on the 25 December and 1 January will instead have them emptied on 22 December and 29 December respectively. 

Green and brown bins

Similarly, households scheduled to have their green and blue bins emptied on 26 December and 2 January will instead have them emptied on 23 December and 30 December respectively.  There will be no brown bin collections between 22 December and 4 January, with this service returning to normal from 5 January. 

Householders are also reminded that the Council does not collect excess waste which is not in wheeled bins. All waste types should only be presented for collection inside a wheeled bin with the lid closed, by 7:30am on the day of collection.  If householders have excess waste, the Council's Recycling Centres are open over the remainder of the Festive Period. 

Cooking oil collections

Councillor Angus Forbes, Convener of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee advised: "We create a lot of waste at Christmas and New Year, so remember that cooked and uncooked food can be recycled in the brown bin, by wrapping it in a kitchen caddy liner or wrapped in a couple of sheets of newspaper or put into the bin loose.  Cooking oil and fat shouldn't be put down the sink because it can cause blockages in the sewer network.  Instead, there are cooking oil collections at any of PKC's 9 Recycling Centres.  Let your cooking oil cool after cooking then put it into a reusable container and then take it to your nearest Recycling Centre and pour the contents into the Cooking Oil Collection Container at the Centre.  Solidified, cooled cooking fat can be put in a sealable plastic container and then bagged and put in the general waste bin. 

Paper (including Christmas cards, envelopes and non-metallic wrapping paper), cardboard, plastic bottles (with lids), plastic tubs,  and punnets, large or small tins and cans, aerosols, food and drink cartons can all be recycled in the blue bin.  Glass bottles and jars as well as clean tin foil can be recycled at Recycling Points or at Recycling Centres.  Used postage stamps can also be recycled in the blue bin or donated to the 'Save the Albatross Campaign' via collection caddies at all Perth and Kinross Libraries. 

Unwanted presents and replaced items which are still in good, reusable condition can be passed on for reuse at Charity Shops and Reuse Projects - detailed in the online charity shop map"   

Christmas trees

Real Christmas Trees can be chopped up and added to your home compost bin along with your vegetable peelings, fruit cores, tea bags, egg shells, coffee grounds, scrunched newspaper and torn-up cardboard. Alternatively real trees can be chopped up and placed in your brown bin, (if you have a Garden Waste Permit), or taken to your local Recycling Centre.  However, neither real nor artificial Christmas trees will be lifted if left at the kerbside. In terms of bin collections in severe weather, Waste Services crews will do their best to reach homes to empty the bins presented at the kerbside but it may not be safe for the lorry to access all parts of Perth and Kinross. 

Severe weather arrangements

If your bin is missed due to severe weather, please leave it out for 48 hours and the Council will attempt to return for it.  If the Council is unable to return, please return bins to the usual storage point and re-present on the next scheduled collection day.  If you have excess waste or recycling, please use local recycling centres or recycling points.  The Council will also post any updates on their website, on Facebook and Twitter and we encourage you to sign up to email alerts

For more information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle more, or to find your nearest recycling point or recycling centre, please visit our recycling pages  and to view the charity shop map.  Alternatively, contact the Council's Customer Service Centre via recycle@pkc.gov.uk or 01738 476476.