Launch of Easy Manual Handling web resources

Perth & Kinross Council has launched a new online 'Easy Manual Handling' website.

The website is a user friendly, 24- hour accessible resource for people to find current information, guidelines, demonstration videos, courses, equipment, support available and helpful contacts.

This will enable people within their work role and family life to keep themselves and those they care for safe and aims to minimise the risk of people being injured through a lack of understanding and knowledge and support the journey through manual handling.

This resource can be downloaded onto all digital devises from a PC to a mobile phone.

This was a collaborative project co-designed by Perth & Kinross' Learning Development team, service users, volunteers and family members.

Karen Reid, Chief Executive of Perth & Kinross Council, said: "This website was funded through the Council's Angel's Share scheme.  The Angel's Share is where staff pitch an idea that they feel will have a positive outcome; whether it is an idea that will make the work the Council does more efficient and effective or as in this case create a resource for the residents of Perth and Kinross that will have a meaningful impact.  The Easy Manual Handling website is the perfect example of this - a frontline member of staff has identified an area where greater support could be provided to carers and has come up with an effective solution to fill that gap.  I want to congratulate the team in their efforts in creating this website which I am confident will be a wonderful resource for carers in Perth and Kinross."

The website can be accessed at