Inspection report published for Newhill Primary School

Following an inspection visit in January 2019, Education Scotland have now published their report on Newhill Primary School and Nursery Class in Blairgowrie (Tuesday 12 March 2019).

Inspectors spoke to staff, parents and carers and children during their assessment, and found a number of particular strengths in the school's work:

- Senior leaders, teachers and staff across the school working very effectively together and with a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for children at Newhill;
- Polite, welcoming and enthusiastic children, coming to school extremely keen to learn and do their best;
- The very caring and nurturing environment at the school, with positive relationships among children and staff; and
- Recent improvements in children's attainment in literacy and English, and numeracy and mathematics, across the school. 

Alongside this, the report notes that Newhill's work was evaluated against four national quality indicators for both the primary stages and the nursery class. In the former, it was rated as 'good' for leadership of change; learning, teaching and assessment; raising attainment and achievement, and for ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion. In the latter, it was evaluated as 'good' for leadership of change; learning, teaching and assessment, and securing children's progress; and 'very good' for ensuring wellbeing, quality and inclusion.

A number of areas for improvement were identified by Education Scotland and discussed with the Headteacher and staff from the Council's Education and Children's Services:
- to develop, as previously planned, a curriculum rationale that takes the school's local context into effective account and improves its approach to interdisciplinary learning;ยท
- to continue to develop further the school's approaches to planning, assessment and moderation, leading to consistently high quality learning experiences for all children; and
- continue progressing plans to engage parents and the wider community more fully in the life and work of the school.

The report concludes with confirmation that the inspectors feel the school has the capacity to continue its improvement, and therefore no more visits will be made in connection with the inspection in January 2019. The Council will keep parents and carers informed about progress at Newhill Primary School as part of its normal arrangements for reporting on the quality of its schools.

Lifelong Learning Convener, Councillor Caroline Shiers said: "I am pleased to see that Newhill Primary School and Nursery Class have received a positive report from Education Scotland. The inspectors have clearly noted the commitment at all levels to deliver quality education and the enthusiasm of the children for learning. We will be ensuring together with the school that the areas for improvement, some of which had already been in development at the time of the inspection, are progressed further, and will keep parents and carers advised of this."

A detailed summary of the inspection is available online at