Last chance for free dog waste bags

From 1 April 2019 the supply of free dog waste bags to residents by Perth & Kinross Council will stop. This follows a decision made as part of this year's budget setting process, as the Council focusses its resources to the areas of greatest need. No further supplies of bags will be ordered after the end of March, and the current remaining stock will be available from Council offices and other local outlets until this supply runs out.

However, suitable bags are widely available to purchase from various outlets across Perth and Kinross, as well as online. The cheapest option is nappy sacks (from around 35p for 300). Bags specifically for dog waste can be bought (from around  £1 for 100), and other options are available such as biodegradeable bags (from around £1.50 for 200), or re-using other bags.*

It remains the responsibility of the person in control of the dog or dogs to pick up their waste in a bag and put it into either a red dog waste bin or general public litter bin. Failure to 'bag it and bin it' can result in an £80 fixed penalty.

Anyone having issues with dog fouling in their local area should report it to the Council - please call our Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 or use our online MyPKC portal - go to and click on 'Report dog fouling'.

*These costs are based on prices charged at supermarkets, shops and specialist outlets in Perth and Kinross, as well as online retailers.