Common Housing Register boost to help people access affordable social housing

People who apply for housing through the Perth and Kinross Common Housing Register (CHR) will now have more choice after Perth-based social landlord Fairfield Housing Co-operative signed up to join.

Around 600 Fairfield Housing Co-operative properties were added the CHR this week, joining properties let by other local social landlords Perth & Kinross Council, Caledonia Housing Association and Hillcrest Housing Association.

Collectively the four landlords will manage a housing stock of more than 10,500 affordable homes for rent and will continue to work closely together to meet housing need locally.

The CHR ensures that access to social housing is as easy as possible for residents of Perth and Kinross, and gives them a wider choice or properties right across the area. Operating a CHR also means that there is a single point of access for housing applicants regardless of the organisation they approach for housing assistance.

The Council's Housing and Communities Vice Convener, Councillor Bob Brawn, said: "It's great news that Fairfield has joined the Common Housing Register. It means that we now have one single point of contact for all of the main social housing providers in Perth and Kinross. This will make it much easier for people to access social housing in our area.

"Unfortunately there is still a shortage of affordable social housing in Perth and Kinross, as there is across Scotland. The Council and our Housing Association partners are working hard to tackle this issue through a wide range of initiatives. In the last 12 months we collectively built 191 new homes for rent and many more are planned. Fairfield joining the CHR is a positive step that will help us towards provide more affordable homes."

Fairfield Housing Co-operative's Chair, Bob McDougall said: "After consulting with tenants, applicants and staff it was clear that being part of the Common Housing Register would improve access to suitable homes for the 600 households on the Co-operative's housing list. This new and closer partnership with other local landlords will help to ensure people in housing need receive the housing options advice and support they require."

Caledonia HA Housing Manager Lynn Gowrie added: "We have been part of the CHR for a number of years and we welcome Fairfield as a new partner. We look forward to working with them to ensure applicants receive the best possible advice and assistance when applying for social rented housing in Perth and Kinross."

Bob Sander, Director of Housing Hillcrest Homes, said: "We're delighted to see Fairfield join us as a member of the Common Housing Register. Working in partnership in this way improves the service for people of Perth and Kinross and increases the opportunity of access to good quality affordable housing in the area."

To apply for social housing in Perth and Kinross you can visit the Council's webpage.

If you would like further information about applying for a home please call 01738 476000 or email