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Strategic objective - Independent, healthy and active lives

Efforts to reduces homelessness continue to be successful. The number of households presenting has homeless across Perth and Kinross has reduced further, coming down from 898 in 2015/16 to 758 in 2019/20.

Our Home First approach continues to be successful and its sector leading approach

has seen an increased proportion of households moving directly into settled accommodation.  This enables us to avoid or reduce the stigma, cost, and experience and duration of homelessness. Through this approach, we have achieved a 19% reduction in the number of people presenting as homeless, when nationally there has been a 4% increase.

We have met the target for delivering new affordable homes one year earlier than originally planned.  Across the Perth and Kinross area, just under £21m has been invested on affordable housing, with our joint efforts with Hillcrest Homes, Kingdom Housing Association, Caledonia Housing Association, and Fairfield Housing Co-operative having exceeded our 2016-2021 Local Housing Strategy target to deliver 861 additional affordable homes. 

We continued to support Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) which focused on improving the health and wellbeing of residents through improving balance, fitness and strength for older people.  This reduces hospital admissions as a result of falls.  Of those returning from hospital, accident or injury, 45% of people in receipt of reablement via HART returned home and did not require further support, enabling them to regain their independence and live at home safely.

We have consulted with stakeholders to produce the Adult Carers Eligibility Criteria and the Short Breaks Services Statement, which assisted in the development of our Joint Carers Strategy, approved in the December 2019 meeting of the Integrated Joint Board.

We have a set of icon Key indicators - independent, healthy and active lives [751Kb] for each of our strategic objectives, detailing our performance over time and against targets along with contextual information.

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