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Perth schools team up with local shops for Muirton litter pick

Perth & Kinross Council's Waste Services team has teamed up with St John's RC Academy, Perth Grammar School and local shops in Muirton and North Muirton to help reduce the amount of littering in the area.

A litter pick has been organised and will take place between North Inch Community Campus and McDonalds on Dunkeld Road at 1.50pm on Friday 27 September.

The litter pick, which will be joined by Councillor Kathleen Baird, is part of a pupil-led Anti-Littering Campaign to encourage all pupils to minimise the amount that they litter. Muirton and North Muirton shops have agreed to work with pupils from both schools over the coming months to raise awareness of the damage that litter causes to the environment. They will also work together with the councils Waste Services team to install new litter bins along the route between these shops and schools, as well as delivering an imaginative campaign that encourages pupils to continue to use these facilities in the future.

Nearly two thirds of the litter that can be found along waterways is made from plastic, such as bags, bottles, disposable cups and food wrappers. This litter is a huge problem for wildlife and the environment, but it also costs the Council a lot of money to clean up and dispose of it.

Councillor Kathleen Baird, Vice-Convener of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee, said: "I think it is wonderful that two of our schools are taking up this challenge and I am looking forward to joining them on the day for the litter pick. I hope that the local community and beyond will be inspired by their efforts and follow their lead, even if that simply means putting litter in the bin rather than dumping it on the ground."

Sean Hagney, Headteacher and Campus Leader for St John's Academy, said: "As an eco-school, we are committed to helping our planet and improving our environment. In school, we learn about the damage humans do to our world, whether on a local or global scale. We also recognise that through littering our local environment we are contributing to a global problem and we want to take responsibility for our actions. We are pleased to be teaming up with Perth Grammar and local businesses to help to tidy up the local environment and raise awareness of the problem of litter we have within our local communities."

Fiona Robertson, Headteacher for Perth Grammar School, said: "Young people across Scotland are becoming more socially conscious and are taking on the responsibility of protecting the environment with an enthusiastic passion that is to be commended. They are not only looking for opportunities that will make a difference in their local community, but also to have a widespread and long-lasting positive effect moving forward. We are delighted to be working with St John's Academy on this project and hope that together we can take Perth Grammar's vision of becoming an outstanding learning community further through living our values of Pride, Respect and Ambition. Our School Improvement Plan aligns with a commitment to three specific Sustainable Development Goals as part of our journey to becoming a Gold Rights Respecting School and we were recently re-accredited as an eco-school".

To find out more about litter education in schools, to organise a community litter pick, or to report an overflowing litter bin in your area, please visit, email or telephone the Council's Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476.