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Results of consultation on rent level options for 2020/21

Between October and December 2019 we once again asked you, our tenants, to vote on the level of rent you will pay for the next 12 months.

Each year the Council reviews and increases the rent levels we charge to tenants for the Housing services we provide. These annual increases are necessary to ensure that we continue to meet our duties to you as a landlord and maintain high levels of service delivery. The rent increase is needed to cover any additional costs such as inflation, and price increases for stock and supplies and to ensure we have enough money to maintain our new properties.

The rent increase is one of the most important decisions that we take each year and because this decision affects all 7,636 tenants it's vital that you have an opportunity to have a say.

As in previous years we provided you with three different rent level options to vote on.

The consultation ended on December 13th 2019. A total of 1,251 tenants responded. 

The results were:

  • Option 1 - 3.5% increase: 708 votes (56.59%)
  • Option 2 - 4% increase: 397 votes (31.73%)
  • Option 3: 4% increase: 146 votes (11.67%)

Therefore, Option 1, a 3.5% increase, was the preferred option.

These results will be included in a report that goes to Housing and Communities Committee on January 29th 2020, when the rent levels for 2020/21 will be set.

The feedback provided by tenants through the consultation will be presented to Councillors at that meeting before they make their decision.

Thank you to all tenants who took part.