Waste and Recycling Collections over the 2019-2020 festive period

Perth & Kinross Council would like to remind residents that on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 December 2019, and Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 January 2020, there will be no kerbside bin collections and all Recycling Centres and public toilets will be closed, along with Perth Crematorium and Greyfriars Cemetery.

Toilets operating under the Council's Comfort Scheme may be available during the festive period. 

The last special uplift collection before the festive break will be Thursday 19 December 2019, with normal collections resuming on Monday 6 January 2020.  Brown bin collections will also pause after Sunday 22 December 2019, returning to normal on 6 January. Anyone needing to check their scheduled bin collection dates can do this online.

Unless you receive a letter advising otherwise, if your green or blue bins are due to be emptied on 25 December or 1 January, these will instead be collected on Saturday 28 December and 4 January respectively. Similarly households due for collection on 26 December or 2 January will, unless otherwise advised in writing, have their green or blue bins emptied on Sunday 29 December and 5 January. If you have excess waste over the festive period, please do not present this beside your bin - Recycling Centres, with the exception of the dates listed above, will be open over the rest of the festive holidays.

Real Christmas trees can be chopped up and added to your home compost bin, kerbside brown bin (if you have a Garden Waste Permit) or taken to your local Recycling Centre. Please note, however, neither real or artificial Christmas trees will be uplifted if left at the kerbside.

In the event of severe weather over the festive period, our bin collection crews will do their best to reach your home to empty your kerbside bins, but it may not be safe for the lorry to access all parts of Perth and Kinross.  If your bin is missed due to severe weather, please leave it out for 48 hours and we will attempt to return for it.  If this is not possible, please return bins to the usual storage point and re-present them on your next scheduled collection day. Excess waste or recycling can be taken to local Recycling Centres or Recycling Points.  

Any updates regarding collections will be posted on the Council website and on Facebook and Twitter. Residents are also encouraged to sign up to our waste and recycling email alerts.