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Support and protection of vulnerable adults remains a high priority

The annual Adult Support & Protection (ASP) report from the Perth and Kinross Adult Protection Committee (APC) was considered at the meeting of Perth & Kinross Council on Wednesday 18 December 2019.

The 2018-2019 report highlights the broad span of multi-agency partnership work in Perth and Kinross, aimed at supporting vulnerable adults and protecting them from harm, abuse and neglect.

In the past year the report outlines that 69% of all cases involving adults at risk involved older people, with over a third accounted for by people 81 and older.  Dementia and frailty are noted as the key issue in almost two-thirds of cases. Financial harm was the most frequently identified type of harm, followed by physical harm and neglect. Councillors heard also that the protective and supportive measures have led to 83% of adults at risk feeling safer as a result and more people being supported by Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross.

The report sets out a number of notable areas of achievement in the past year, including work on protecting vulnerable adults from financial harm, better arrangements being implemented to protect residents in care settings and improved frameworks for recording activity, monitoring trends and joint working across Tayside.

Main areas for improvement in 2019-2020 tie into these achievements, in terms of increased engagement with adults, families and carers, strengthening links with other protection services, and a range of other work to improve oversight of the services being delivered and ensure they continue to meet the needs of vulnerable adults in Perth and Kinross.

Council Leader, Councillor Murray Lyle said: "We want to ensure that, in a very similar way to our vulnerable children and young people, adults at risk of harm are supported and protected appropriately so they can live a safe life, with the minimum amount of intervention required and their own wishes and feelings taken into account. If something seems not quite right, or you are concerned that someone you know could be being subjected to harm or abuse, it is important to raise that concern so it can be investigated. This report reflects the important work being done within the Council and together with our partners to make a difference, and the focus we have on continuing to improve on what we have already achieved."

Residents of Perth and Kinross are encouraged this festive season to keep their eyes open and report any concerns they may have about the safety and welfare of children, young people or vulnerable adults in their local community. If you are concerned about someone you know, please call 01738 476768 (child protection), or 0345 301 11 20 (adult protection) at any time.